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Couples Counseling

A fair, effective approach to couples counseling for clients with relationship issues in person in Kansas City and online across Missouri

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When it works well, couples counseling is amazing. People who thought they were facing the end of their relationship instead find renewed connection and commitment. The problem is that too often, couples counseling just doesn't work:

  • Someone feels the couples therapist is biased (which is, unfortunately, sometimes true).

  • Both parties have mental health concerns that need to be addressed in addition to the relationship problems. 

  • The cost of each partner having their own therapist, then adding on a couples counselor, can be unmanageable, forcing hard choices about treatment.

Is there a better way? You bet.


Meet Kaitlyn, my co-conspirator in providing
Coordinated Couples Counseling

Kaitlyn is a great therapist. She's also the genius behind our well-decorated office (without her, it would just be a sofa and some bland office art). 


My Approach to Therapy

I take a "goal-focused but flexible" approach to helping. In our first few sessions, we will establish your goals for therapy, and I keep those goals as our focus throughout treatment.  However, our work each week is flexible and based on both present issues and your long-term goals. We might start out talking about the pizza you had for dinner, but might end up talking about your childhood, your ex, your body image, your finances...the paths are endless, but all lead to the same goal.


This approach is especially important if you have an anxiety disorder, complex trauma or CPTSD, dissociation and dissociative disorders, personality disorders, or anger management issues. I balance immediate needs with long-term progress so that we are moving forward instead of stumbling from crisis to crisis.

I use concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), solution-focused therapy, and psychodynamic therapy interchangeably and as appropriate.


Most importantly, I like to add humor to my work. If you're coming to therapy, it is because things are hard. But that doesn't mean we can't also laugh at ourselves and fate.

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