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Anxiety Treatment
that Works

Real relief from severe anxiety for adults and teens 14+

In person in Kansas City and online in Missouri

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Being human means feeling anxious sometimes. Having severe anxiety means you feel anxious all of the time, with constant worry, irritability, painful muscle tightness, and sleep problems. Having severe anxiety with mood swings, hopelessness, and fears that you’re going to crack or go crazy means you need to talk with me. For you:

  • “Being anxious” isn’t a feeling that comes and goes. It’s a constant weight, leaving you tired and washed out. You don’t even know if what you’re feeling “counts” as being anxious!

  • Nothing healthy makes you feel better. There’s no amount of deep breathing that calms you down, but drinking, overworking, shopping, or even self-injury sure does.

  • You know you need help, but you don’t know how talking to someone is even going to make a dent in your suffering.

Let's get you from freaking out to feeling calm.


Anxiety treatment with me is different. 

We will not be applying a band-aid to your anxiety. I work with clients to identify and address the root causes of their problems so they can put down the weight they have been carrying and get on with their life.

  • We will work to get you feeling at least a little better, fast. Yes, we might talk about taking deep breaths or going for a walk. But, this is the beginning of your care, not the end. There’s more for us to do!

  • We will explore what you think you “should” be doing—those endless internalized expectations that you feel you have to live up to every day. Anxiety is often about being judged for our performance, even if you’re the one doing the judging.

  • Finally, we will look at feeling emotionally safe. The key to lasting anxiety relief is feeling safe in the world, with people who care about you, and most importantly, safe with yourself.

Three "easy" steps to change the rest of your life. 


Intensive individual therapy vs. weekly therapy

I offer two approaches for working with severe anxiety. Traditional weekly talk therapy allows us to address anxiety bit by bit over time. This is the best choice if you have problems trusting others or opening up, as it gives us time to build your internal capacity step by step.

Intensive individual therapy lets us quickly jump into the deep end of your psyche and start mucking about. You can learn more about therapy intensives here. An intensive is a good choice if you already have some insight into yourself and want to make a lot of headway against your anxiety very quickly.

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